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22-23 WW Staff

Julia Hines is a senior at Watertown High School who is passionate about graphic design, journalism, and the healthcare field. Julia is going to college next fall to become an ultrasound technician at Quinnipiac University, as well as recently reviving her nursing assistant certification. Julia has represented the Watertown community through cheerleading… cheering for 4 years at WHS and 9 with Pop Warner. She is an All NVL cheerleader, as well as an All State cheerleader (both her senior year). She will go on to cheer for Quinnipiac as well.

Julia designed the WHS mascot, the Warrior, which is one of her greatest graphic design projects. She grew compelled to join publishing when she became interested in the graphic design aspect. However, she quickly learned not only did she want to design the newsletter, but that journalism was highly intriguing to her.


Aidan is a Junior at Watertown High School who is heavily interested in film, history, and computer science. He is employed at Labonne’s Markets; in Watertown. He works as a produce clerk. Aidan tries his best academically; He excels in English and History in which he is at the honors level. He plans on taking the next step to AP for his senior year. Aidan also plans on majoring in computer science in college but is still undecided on what college to attend.

He is passionate about music and listens whenever he gets a chance. Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, and Frank Ocean are some of Aidans favorite artists to listen to.  Aidan likes to write about music reviews on the Warriors Wire Newsletter.


Payton Howard is a Junior at Watertown High School. She is very involved in her community and is currently a trainee for the Water Oak Pop Warner team as well as a captain for the WHS cheerleading team. She has been a Cheerleader for 12 years now and is excited to finish her last year of cheerleading senior year. Payton puts a lot of effort into her academics, as it is important to her. Her favorite subject in school is English and loves to write poetry, essays, and analyzing different literary texts. Payton is also currently a member of the National Honor Society.  

Payton has a high interest in all aspects of Journalism. She loves to read and write and loves how beneficial this Publishing class is for her. Payton has a passion for helping people anyway she can hence why she wants major in Occupational Therapy. Payton has been shadowing at Waterbury Hospital working with all different patients with occupational needs which sparked her interest even more. She is eager to graduate and start the next chapter of her life in the Health Science world. 

Talia Solla is a seventeen-year-old Junior at Watertown High School. She has been an active student in tech education for her whole high school career. She enjoys creating art through pieces of writing, as well as graphic design. Talia appreciates all kinds of writing. She loves composing poetry and enjoys informational, entertaining, and persuasive writing as well. 

As a part of the National Honor Society, academics are a major passion for Talia. However, she enjoys other activities as well. She is a black belt in karate, recreationally training for eight years of her life. Along with that, she has played competitive club soccer since she was young. Although these hobbies are crucial for what makes her, they are only a bit of who she is. 

Talia aspires to be a Graphic and Web Designer and would love to minor in as many subjects as she can.  

Ava Stango is a freshman at WHS. This is her first year writing for the school newspaper. She is on the volleyball team and girls tennis team, and enjoys writing about the sport recaps at Watertown. She has danced for 12 years and also plays the clarinet and tuba in the high school concert band. She was a part of the Junior National Honor Society at Swift Middle School and hopes to be a part of the National Honor Society at WHS in the future. The career she wishes to pursue is being a Coroner.




Tony Figueroa is a freshman at WHS and first time writer for the school. While he’s not a consistent writer, he puts effort into all the articles he produces. He likes writing about the things that go on at WHS, such as the link crew article he wrote for the first edition in October. He spends a lot of his free time at the gym, as he plans to become a personal trainer. Despite not being very public about it, he’s very interested in creative reading and writing so his place as a publisher has suited his interests well.


Stella Lamson is a sophomore at WHS. This is her first year on the Publishing team, and she is a writer for the Warrior’s Wire. She enjoys reading/writing and loves English class, so the paper is the perfect fit. One of her main goals after highschool is to go to college, and pursue a career in forensic science. Stella loves to bake/cook, and enjoys trying new recipes. She has been dancing for 12 years outside of school, and plans to keep going until she graduates.




Veronica Rainone is a sophomore at WHS. She writes for the school newspaper in Publishing class. She enjoys interviewing different people for her articles and working with technology to edit/publish the paper – allowing her to work well on the team. For almost 14 years, Veronica has danced as a hobby and has plans to carry the activity into a career. She is interested in writing poems/short stories in her English class, making her suitable for the paper!








Liz Malenda is a freshman at Watertown High School, and it’s her first year doing publishing. She is involved in extracurricular activities, such as Indoor & Outdoor Track and Field, and Stage Crew for the plays and musicals the school puts on. She plays the flute for the concert band, though she wants to play with the wind ensemble in the future. She was also a part of the Junior National Honors Society back in Swift Middle School, and hopes to be a part of the National Honors Society for her high school years. She likes to write about all the sports in WHS with her recaps, and enjoys writing about the theatre program, like the musicals and plays.

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22-23 WW Staff