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December Freshman Student of The Month


Ian Lena, a student at Watertown High School, received December Freshman Student of The Month. Ian shares reasons why he gained this award, people in his life that he looks up to and advice for any future freshman that want this achievement.  Ian is a confident student at Watertown High School, he is very proud of himself but so are his parents. “My parents were very proud of me and told me, ‘I knew you could do it.’ ” Ian looks up to his dad as a role model because he has always encouraged him. He shares that his dad always says , “Stuffs gonna get hard in life but I always want you to do the  best.” This inspires Ian to try his hardest and always be a leader in life, not a follower. Ian wants to be a leader academically and athletically. He plays soccer and plans on sticking with it throughout his high school career. Academically he strives to get high honors throughout high school. 

Ian shared a quote that helps him get through school. The first one is quoted from his friend, Anthony Desena, “I don’t care if people change lanes, I pave my own lane.” To Ian this means to always be a leader in what he does and create new ways to continue life. Ian shares that if you want to receive student of the month to always put your best foot forward and never give up when it gets hard. 

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