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December Art Students Of The Month


Art Students of the month are recognized for their special talent when it comes to using their creative mind in their art classes. Ms. Rahal, one of Watertown High School’s art teachers, picked student Juliana Rivera as her nominee for December. Ms.Rahal said, “I picked Juliana because she is quietly confident in her art abilities.” Rahal also said, “She does not hesitate to ask for help when unsure of the next steps.”  Ms.Rahal chose Juliana’s ‘Newspaper Collage’ artwork from class because despite being mixed media, it blends and balances so well with everything she added in addition to the newspaper’s original photographs.

 Ms. Rahal remarked, ”Her artwork shows other students what to strive towards as it demonstrates 100% every class.” Ms. Rahal had some amazing things to say about her Art Student of the Month, and she seemed like a perfect candidate. Julianna spoke about her art piece remarking, “The colors really inspired me, so it all just came together. It took about 4 classes to make. She says it was,  “A little difficult because I had to try and think what would look best in the art piece and come up with ideas for it.” She is proud of this work remarking, “I think it was my best piece so far just because it is very colorful.  “Julianna plans on continuing to pursue it after highschool, remarking,“I plan on probably pursuing art after high school because it is very relaxing for me and it helps me get my mind off things.” 

Another one of Watertown High School’s teachers, Mrs. Uryase, nominated Emily Whelton as her Art Student of the Month.  Ms.Uryase said, “I chose Emily because she has chosen challenging subjects to draw with our past two drawing projects and she has excellent time management.  She diligently works in class and puts in a lot of outside class time.  Emily is an articulate writer and an active participant in our art class critiques.” Ms Uryase also commented on Emily’s work in class, saying, “      Her willingness to keep challenging herself and execute her plans. “I chose her “Drawing Within a Drawing Project”.  In her drawing project, Emily chose to draw multiple versions of the character from the movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Ms Uryase said she did a great job with the grayscale markers, adding value to create the illusion of 3D, and she loved the use of selective color to make certain parts “pop”. Miss Uryase had a lot of amazing things to say about her Art Student of the Month Emily Welton. 

Regarding this piece, Emily said it took a long time to complete.“It took many hours, with many weeks, I needed to pay a lot of attention to detail with this project.” She also comments on the difficulty of the piece,”It was very difficult to make because I had to use markers and it had to be very detailed.” Stating,”Overall she is proud of the work saying it was the best piece she ever made, “Usually when I draw I don’t reference characters but this time I did so I think it made it special.” 

Mrs. Kovacs also picked a student of the month. “I chose Sibora Banaj as Art Student of the Month. Sibora works hard and persists through any setbacks that she may face.  Sibora regularly comes to Enrichment to continue to work on her art projects. This time and dedication is apparent in her final products which have all been outstanding. I chose to showcase Sibora’s “Half Face” drawing.  This was the last project that we completed as a class and Sibora put a lot of time and effort into it.  It is fun to watch students grow and challenge themselves in Art 1. Sibora is an example for her classmates, with that dedication and persistence everyone can improve.” Mrs. Kovacs seems very prominent with her decision on who the Art Student of the Month is, and this is a great fit for the award.

 Sibora said, “This was a very difficult piece to make, reason being is because it was the first time I ever did something like this, so it was something new.” Sibora wants to also pursue art after highschool saying, “I wouldn’t want to do it as a job but it will definitely be something I do in my free time.” 

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