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Social Issues Students Face Everyday


The social issues students are facing, such as mental health and bullying, have a severe impact on their well being everyday. These are especially impacting high school students, since they are under a high amount of stress daily. Between a busy schedule, rigorous courses, athletics and extracurriculars,  these social issues cause major impacts on teens. A social issue, according to Safes Blog, is, “anything that directly affects the community.” These social issues are to be taken seriously for students, since these issues “could impact their health and learning.” 

Students’ mental health is something they face and struggle with everyday, and should be taken seriously. Students who struggle with mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD etc, can experience a change in behavior, self esteem and will tend to isolate themselves because of the struggles they face alone. This could also affect their learning in school. While mental disorders can be genetic, they can also be rooted from stress, family situations, or teen hormones, which are not genetic. While it may seem difficult and lonely at times when struggling with mental health, the best advice given from Safes Blog is to talk to a therapist for help, support, and treatment if needed. If a student’s school offers a therapist, it would be in a student’s best interest to go speak to them. 

Unfortunately, a lot of students’ mental health issues usually begin with bullying/cyberbullying, which is yet another social issue that students struggle with. Bullying and cyberbullying can have a major impact on students’ mental health, since it is someone personally attacking, making fun of, or spreading false information around them. While bullying still happens, the more detrimental form of bullying is cyberbullying. This tends to take place more often with high school students nowadays due to social media, and with the fact that cyberbullying can be done anonymously. This can be degrading to one’s self esteem, and can have a severe negative impact on their mental wellness. One piece of advice given from Safes Blog is, “Parents can also talk to their children about bullying and help them develop better social skills.” Overall, mental health and bullying are serious issues that students deal with everyday. 

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