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April Freshman Student of the Month


Rawan Musade, a freshman student at Watertown High School, received Freshman student of the Month. Rawan shared her thoughts on receiving this award, reasons why she believed she gained this award, people and ideas that have inspired her and any advice for future freshmen who aspire to gain this achievement. Rawan is a confident student at Watertown High, yet she is very shocked and proud that she got this award. She says she has worked very hard in class but that it is not always about academic achievements: “ I think I got this award because I have very good participation and I am very engaged in class.” 

Rawan looks up to two of her teachers, Mrs. Cyr and Mrs. Loughlin. Rawan expresses her gratitude to both of the teachers: “ In the short span of time they have taught me, they have shown me how hard they worked to be who they are now. That inspires me to try hard and push myself to be like them.” 

In Rawan high school years she is determined to, “Be able to get into as many honors classes as I can next year.” Rawan shares that she had trouble in 8th grade and struggled academically. As she grew in highschool she began to love coming to school, looking forward to club meetings and gaining new opportunities to better herself and others. She is very passionate about her work and what she does for others, and she is an active member of the Delta club.

Lastly, Rawan shares to future students of the month that in order to gain this award, “Don’t put a huge amount of pressure on yourself to be the smartest, teachers aren’t always looking for A+’s in every class but sometimes they are looking for a good attitude and someone who is eager to learn.” Rawan leaves us with this quote, “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman,” by Melinda Franscade. Rawan explains how this has inspired since 8th grade. She explains that “just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you can’t have a voice, having a voice will inspire others.”

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