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    Schedule Change

    Mr.Perugini, the Principal at Watertown High School, was interviewed about the new schedule change that he developed,which was put in place on the first day of semester 2. Mr. Perugini shared how the idea emerged,  who helped decide the new change and positive feedback he has received. At Watertown High School, this year’s original schedule was on an 8 day rotation, each class was 84 minutes long and at the end of every 8 day rotation there would be a SSP day. SSP is a 2 hour class where students and teachers speak about school concerns, upcoming opportunities and overall ways to benefit our community. The school’s new schedule changed the length of SSP, Enrichment, classes and the 9th day of the schedule. 

    Mr. Perugini explained how he was not the only person who wanted the change but that it was teachers and students of Watertown High School: “I introduced the idea to teachers and a few students, they got back very quickly and I listened to their suggestions because it’s not just my school it’s, our school.” The schedule change midyear could create some confusion in the school but Mr. Perugini put a lot of effort into the restructure explaining how it makes Enrichment longer, which benefits the students. The schedule change also offers SSP more frequently. Mr. Perugini says how he had a few complaints about the old SSP and how long it lasted. This was the cause for a shorter SSP. Since classes are one minute shorter, Enrichment is now 3 minutes longer. 

    The cause to make Enrichment specifically longer was an idea from the Principal Advisory Group who suggested this to Mr. Perugini. Mr.Perugini then went to propose the idea to teachers and students. He was able to talk to the school administration  and go through with the idea. Mr. Perugini has heard no negative comments,  only positive towards the new schedule: “I have not heard any negative comments but I have heard that our school community is liking the new schedule because they did not like the old SSP schedule and felt they got nothing done.”  

    When Mr. Perugini was asked how the idea emerged he had to take a second to pause and find a true answer, he answered with, “It was very student driven, our students are very powerful and I wanted them to know that they have a voice.” He then shares how the schedule change affects the school as a whole: “The new change honestly just makes things better, it makes students feel like they are being heard and like they have a productive say, it overall makes for a better climate in school.”                           

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