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Bubonic Plague



On February 7th, medical officials confirmed that a citizen from Oregon was diagnosed with The Bubonic Plague. This confirmed case of The Bubonic Plague originally raised fear to the local citizens, due to the infamous contagion that wiped out millions of people during the 1300s, 1500s, and later again in the 1900s. The plague, also known as “The Black Death,” was spread from fleas, to rats, to humans during these times.The Bubonic Plague was a big concern during the middle ages, as it resulted in 50 million fatalities and prevented people from leaving their houses. Seeing it now is odd but not a serious concern, since the CDC has found many ways to cure the majority of the cases. The case seen today has not affected anyone’s health and will be gone before we know it.  Officials say there is no cause for alarm and the infected case was passed due to the person’s house cat. 


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Calla Solla is a 14-year-old freshman at Watertown High School. This year is her first year writing for the WHS newsletter, she is very excited to see what these next few years in publishing will hold for her. Calla is a part of the Watertown High School volleyball team, she enjoys her teammates and has made plenty of new friends. She is currently very involved with her community, she takes on coaching for the Swift Middle School volleyball team. She loves helping kids improve at what they want to pursue. Calla takes her time in classes to do the best that she can, she loves to read and write and is very intrigued with science. Calla is very excited to see how her high school years are going to change her not only as a person but also as a student. Her goals she's hoping to pursue during her time in publishing are, to become a better writer, and learn how to work better with her peers.

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